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Get Clean Hair Detox Shampoo

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The latest and greatest all in one, Get clean shampoo produced by Spectrum Labs is an all in one complete hair detox regiment. Over time and years harmful toxins can develop in the hair follicle which builds as a toxic residue. If you are subject to a hair screening this could potentially be a deal breaker for you. The Get clean shampoo has undergone numerous lab screening methods to ensure it can eliminate and mask even the heaviest toxin users. Get clean shampoo will work for both male and female hair types of all lengths. Hair detox can be one of the most stressful test one may face. Once in the lab they will typically cut roughly a pencil width of hair from the back of the scalp area. Once trhe hair has been cut it will be set in a solution that dissolves the hair. Once the hair is dissolved the liquid base is tested. Get clean hair detox shampoo will makes all metabolites and unwanted toxins found in your hair. Any time harmful toxins are present in the blood stream such as nicotine it travels through your body exiting in numerous ways including the hair follicle. If you need to be sure consider the Get clean detox shampoo to strip your follicle and keep toxin free. Complete instructions and a two year shelf life compliment this excellent hair detox regiment.


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